Nikkos Mistriotis

Co-Owner, Producer, Director, Cameraman-DP

A co-founder of XYZ, Nikos launched his career in Canada as a producer and cameraman. Since 1994, he has produced and directed TV shows, documentaries, and corporate events in Greece and abroad. Even in the stickiest situations on location in the Balkans, the Middle East, North Korea or Sierra Leone, Nikos never loses his sense of humour.

Yannis Kopsias

Co-Owner, Executive Producer, Cameraman DP

Prior to co-founding XYZ Productions in 2000, Yannis worked as a freelance cameraman. He now produces TV commercials, large-scale events, features and documentaries for major international corporations and broadcasters, including Red Bull Media House, ZDF, ARTE, Bloomberg and The Associated Press. Known for his super organizational skills and love of practical jokes, no project is too complex for Yannis to handle.

Georgia Pantazi

Production Coordinator

The hub. Born in Germany, Georgia studied journalism and TV production. She joined XYZ Productions in 2005 as our office manager and head of client services. Apart from employing her dulcet tones to answer the telephone, Georgia has a knack for assigning the right person to the right job. Cooperative, fast, and forward thinking.

Thodoris Nikoles

Multi-skilled Cameraman

Known as the Captain, Theodoris was born in Germany. He has wide-ranging experience shooting short films, music videos, corporate films, and news stories for leading international broadcasters. Thorough and quick on his feet, he likes to take initiatives on shoots. Theodoris joined XYZ Productions in 2006.

Petros Pogas


Half Greek, half Bulgarian, Petros trained as a cameraman in Athens before winning a scholarship to obtain a post-graduate degree in editing in Bulgaria. With extensive experience shooting for Greek and global broadcasters, Petros is renowned for his excellent framing skills and his silly hat. He has worked with XYZ Productions since 2005.

Fire Extinguisher

Head of Corporate Safety. Our two-kilo colleague is amazingly quiet but can make a hell of a noise when duty calls. He joined XYZ two months ago and we are proud to have him on board.

Tasos Gikas

Sound Engineer

Half French and half Greek, Tassos knows what you’re thinking before you do. As well as sound engineering, he gets involved in all editorial aspects of any project, from the safety of the crew to making sure everyone is well fed. He’s also a musician and a budding farmer.

Expobar Coffee Machine

A cappuccino and espresso machine with a built-in coffee grinder. A real multi-tasker with exceptional skills, Expobar can produce froth, espresso and hot water at a moment’s notice. He takes a while to warm up, but once he reaches 14 bars he is unstoppable.